Students from transition to Year Four need to provide a library bag to be able to borrow. This may be home made, purchased or a plastic bag. This is to help students to look after the books they borrow.

The number or resources students may borrow are;
• TRANSITION – 2 books
• YEARS ONE TO TWO – 2 x Junior fiction or picture books; 2 x Non-Fiction books
• YEARS THREE TO SIX – 2 x AR Readers; 2 x Junior fiction or picture books; 2 x Non-Fiction books

Students may keep them for up to two weeks. Parents will then receive an overdue notice by email to ask their student to return or renew them.

Lesson Days

Each student has one library lesson per week as part of the Primary Library Program. These lessons are on the following days;

  • MONDAY – 5/6M, 6H
  • TUESDAY – Transition, 4/5N
  • WEDNESDAY – 3/4M
  • THURSDAY – 1M, 3/4SP
  • FRIDAY – 2/3vL, 2S


Primary students are allowed to use the library at lunchtime to read, play board games, or borrow books.

After School

The Imaginarium is open until 4:00pm on school days. There are some times when it may be closed for meetings or special events. This will be advertised at the earliest possible opportunity to minimise inconvenience. Other than borrowing, students need to be supervised while in the library after school.