Booking Spaces

The Imaginarium is available for bookings. All evening and weekend queries need to be made to the head of infrastructure. Teachers can book spaces through Compass. To book one of the two tutorial rooms, please contact Imaginarium staff.

Main Space (Room Q1)

The Main Space of the Imaginarium is a large area that supports a class comfortably. It offers three table pods (table seating for 24 students), couches, beanbags and access to the Fiction, Non-Fiction and Picture Book collections.

Wright Room (Room Q2)

The Wright Room is a four person tutorial space. It has a pc that is equipped with videoconferencing equipment as well as a table and chairs. This space is occasionally used for distance education classes.

Etherington Room (Room Q3)

The Etherington Room is a small tutorial space that fits four. It contains comfortable chairs and a table.

Redman Room (Room Q4)

The Redman Room is a 30 seat theatrette. It has two large screen TVs and Apple TV.

Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is a cosy semi-circular garden that is hedged in.


For all circulation queries, including borrowing, over dues, end processing and locating resources, please contact Albertha Deeb (LT).

Information Literacy

If you want to organise Information Literacy support for your class, please speak to David Parkin (TL).


For enquiries about ordering resources, please contact Helen Cook (LA).